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At 88Asphalt, we provide a comprehensive range of residential asphalt paving services. Our offerings include various options that may require extensive work. Following an initial assessment of your existing driveway or the desired installation area, we will provide detailed information about the most suitable options available to you. A deteriorated and damaged driveway can pose numerous challenges. Similar to a crack in a windshield, cracks in a driveway tend to expand over time. These cracks and uneven surfaces increase the risk of water accumulation in undesirable areas, potentially causing damage to your home's foundation. Moreover, a poorly maintained driveway can lead to tire wear, suspension issues, and damage to the underside of your vehicle. Additionally, if children frequently play on or near the driveway, cracks and uneven surfaces can pose a tripping and injury hazard. This is where the expertise of 88Asphalt Residential Asphalt Paving becomes invaluable.

This service is designed for properties with a minimum depth of 8 inches of gravel surface. The process involves grading the existing gravel base by adding up to 2 inches of granular material. We then utilize granular (A) stone to achieve the appropriate gravel depth, compaction, and ensure proper drainage away from the foundation. Finally, we apply approximately 2.5 inches of Road-Grade Asphalt (HL3) before compacting the surface.

If your driveway has experienced cracks and damage over time, our routine driveway maintenance service may be the ideal solution for you.

This service is suitable for properties requiring the replacement of an existing driveway. The process involves removing and disposing of the old asphalt, followed by sub-grading using granular (A) stone to achieve the correct gravel depth, compaction, and positive drainage away from the foundation. Finally, we apply approximately 2.5 inches of Road-Grade Asphalt (HL3) before compacting the surface.

This service is designed for properties that need to pave an area without an existing gravel base, such as grass or mud surfaces. The process begins with a complete excavation and removal of up to 12 inches in depth. We then proceed with sub-grading, incorporating granular (A) stone to achieve the proper gravel depth (up to 12 inches), compaction, and positive drainage. Finally, we apply approximately 2.5 inches of Road-Grade Asphalt (HL3) before compacting the surface.

Our resurfacing service is an option for maintaining existing driveways. If your driveway has been damaged due to regular use, particularly by large, heavy vehicles, or if maintenance has been neglected or poorly executed, you may observe significant asphalt damage. Indicators of such damage include the formation of large, slow-draining puddles on the surface and the emergence of rough cracks. Our highly trained experts excel in the safe removal and disposal of old asphalt, as well as the installation of new asphalt. The importance of addressing a poorly maintained driveway cannot be overstated, as it can lead to substantial damage to your home. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.

Asphalt consists of three main components: gravel, stone dust, and tar. The quantity of gravel present in the asphalt determines its strength. We always utilize HL3 asphalt, which offers optimal durability for your driveway. Our aim is to maximize the lifespan and safety of your driveway, which is why we employ asphalt with a higher gravel content, ensuring long-term stability.

While acquiring new equipment may be a significant investment, it is a worthwhile endeavor as it significantly enhances the lifespan of the asphalt. The majority of our equipment at 88Asphalt is brand new. We spare no expense when it comes to ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Furthermore, we provide various warranty and payment options to offer you peace of mind. Our warranty options cover either 1 or 5 years, reflecting our confidence in the quality of our asphalt and workmanship. Your satisfaction and the condition of your driveway are our top priorities.

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