Seal coating

To maintain the condition and appearance of asphalt, it is crucial to periodically rehydrate it with tar by applying a tar-based sealant every one to two years. Many people mistakenly believe that asphalt requires no maintenance, but that is far from the truth. Just like grass needs water or an engine needs oil, asphalt needs tar!

Asphalt consists of three main components: granular material, stone dust, and tar. Tar provides the asphalt with elasticity, enabling it to expand and contract with changing weather conditions. However, heat and UV rays cause the tar to oxidize, resulting in the asphalt losing its dark black color. The appearance of gray asphalt indicates a deficiency of tar, making it less elastic and more prone to brittleness. Despite the lack of tar, asphalt still expands and contracts, leading to cracks, heaving, sinking, and unevenness. Rehydrating the surface through seal coating every one to two years significantly extends its lifespan and reduces the likelihood of cracks and potholes.

• Clean the asphalt surface using a power broom.
• Remove all debris with a power blower.
• Apply protective covering to surrounding areas (interlock, foundation, garage, etc.).
• Simultaneously apply four coats of tar.
• Avoid walking or driving on the asphalt surface for a minimum of 3 days.

We utilize four main types of seal coating for asphalt maintenance. These include:

• Refined Tar-Based: This is the most popular sealer and our preferred product at 88Asphalt. It is black, viscous, and offers unparalleled benefits compared to other sealants.

Additional Benefits of Seal Coating:

Seal coating not only prolongs the lifespan of pavements but also acts as a protective layer.Unprotected asphalt can quickly oxidize and deteriorate, leading to costly repairs. Furthermore,seal coating enhances the visual appeal of your driveway by providing a glossy, brand-new appearance.
It effectively prevents water, snow, vehicle fluids, and damaging UV rays from penetrating the asphalt, reducing wear and tear. Seal coating makes asphalt maintenance easier by keeping the surface smooth and easy to clean.

Remember, regular seal coating is a vital part of asphalt maintenance to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Contact 88Asphalt today to learn more about our seal coating services and how we can help you maintain your asphalt surfaces.

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